Keep these in mind when recycling your car

If you have come to a point where you need to scrap or recycle your old car upon reaching its peak distance, there are several things you must consider doing before having your once beloved vehicle part from your end. Read along as we suggest some things that need to be done for you to get the best value out of your old car.

Evaluate your car

Before anything else, determine first the value of your old car and how much you can get from it. Car scrapping is mostly valued by the weight. Although there are some factors that affect the price of your car, such as its completeness of components, paperworks that are already in order, model and year, even well-maintained cars that have less damage in the car parts for resell. Singapore car scrap value actually varies from every scrap yard. There are many online sites or forums you can check out to have an estimate of the value. But the best you can do is ask several scrap yard businesses and ask for a quote. They can do this by just asking you several questions about your car’s condition.

Abide by the law

There are some paper works like registration or title that are required by law to be accomplished prior to your car being scrapped or recycled. Also make sure to deal with legitimate car scrap businesses only. They need to provide you a certificate that you’ve handed to them your car so it won’t be your responsibility anymore. It is illegal if the scrap yard business is not authorized to do such. It is very important that the title is transferred on them. If you don’t, then any troubles that will be incurred in the future relating to your car is still liable to you.

Research about car scrap yards

Before handing out your car’s fate to a scrap yard, make sure to know more about the company you’re doing business with. Ask previous customers about the company. You may even go to your car dealer and they can recommend their partner scrap businesses you can sell your old car to.

Other reminders

Don’t forget to cancel the insurance of your car. You can even get a refund from them upon notifying them. You may want to remove the personal items you put in there, but don’t discount the parts if you’re getting the best value. Also take away license plates.

Getting the best value for your scrap car means dealing with the best scrap yard business out there. But before you can do that, there certain steps you must do first before saying farewell t o your once beloved drive.



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